We are now closed. Please do not place any orders because we are no longer picking up emails or sending goods. Thankyou for all the support over the years. Blame the pandemic, or President Putin, or me. Sorry.


Tupolecam is a general website with everything in it for diy around the home. Definitely worth a look.

Toolbox Stocks Discount Power Tools at Low PricesThe UKs Biggest Selection of Discount Power Tools

Fall Protection: Fall Protection Pros provides those who work up high with safety harnesses, roof anchors, retractable lifelines, and other fall protection equipment.

For door handles - try diy-doorhandles for exceptional quality and value.

If you prefer a postbox to a letterbox, try The Postbox Shop

Not enough stuff here, have loads.

Or there's always the biggest direct selling DIY website in the UK - Screwfix

Looking for a letterbox guard? Sorry, we don't sell them but here are a few links to sites that do:, Rosewood Pet Products and

homes replacement windows Information on all kinds of homes replacement windows and window glasses. Vinyl, wood, aluminium or fibreglass replacement windows, and many different kinds and types of window glasses.

RF Electronics are based in Inverness, and offer a range of Electric and Electronic Services, as well as offering items for sale. The site is run by my Brother-in-Law so I can vouch for him (and he for me I suppose).

The World Of Brass can't match my prices, but they have a bigger range, are reliable, and they sell the Oakley and other similar handles.

Lock Picking Tools might not be what you would expect to see here, but they are a professional organisation with an excellent site offering tools and services, and they include links to my site.

Business links directory ECVV have a link to our site, and hundreds of others.

Bits4Doors are featured on

Mollywood Imports import gates and furniture from India. A real find.

Northern Pages is an old project of mine - It would be good if I hadn't lost half the pages when I had a computer crash one time. Oh well.

And this is a test page, I use for writing test php scripts

Adbrite are a general purpose website advertising company, worth a try if you have a website and have done all you can with Google's excellent service.

If you have a website which you think is relevant and useful to my customers, email me and ask for a reciprocal link. I usually add a link if you do the same.