Letterbox: Commercial


These letterboxes are designed to be indestructable. They are very heavy, made completely from steel, and designed to last forever even in a harsh environment. The stainless steel looks fairly good, but really they are a bit out of place on a house door.

They are normally used in a Commercial setting. Stronger and heavier than the others with a large aperture to take those big bundles of bills you get every day. And the extra cost is not so much of an issue if you need something serious for your door.

Spring loaded stainless steel openers inside and out, and a steel frame. The set is a complete unit and is desigtned for use on solid wooden doors. Contact me if you are unsure.

easy to fit.

Commercial letterbox - standard
(actual photo)

Measurements and stats...

Commercial letterbox - wide

Stainless steel finish, available in either standard or extra large sizes. Suitable for most solid doors.

Check my stats page for exact sizes.

StylePrice eachQuantity
Commercial quality letterbox - Standard size£67.26
Commercial quality letterbox - Large£86.40

PostageQty discount
Postage is £9.50 for the first one, £8.00 for the next one, £7.00 for the next one, £6.00 for the next one, and £2.00 each for the next fourteen. (UK Mainland with exclusions).You can get discount if you buy a few. £2.00 off each one if you buy 4, £4.00 off if you buy 8.
All prices inclusive of VAT at 20.0%

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