Letterbox: Top of the range fire rated


They say you get what you pay for, and these letterboxes are certainly not the cheapest. In fact when I first started stocking these they were costing more than this, but as they have become more popular the price has come down. As for the quality, I can testify that they have a classier, and heavier feel to them than the cheaper models, and are made out of materials that will last forever. The hinge, for example, is stainless steel, and very strong. You can tell immediately you pick them up that they are of obviously good quality. Does that make it worth £28.80? Well, Yes, and you only need one letterbox.

This is also the only letterbox I sell which is fire rated. It's construction and materials are designed to last more than 30 minutes when fitted to a fire door, and they come with an intumescent liner (if you want to fit it) which blocks the air flow in the event of a fire.

Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium alloy, with metal spring loaded openers inside and out. The set is a complete unit, suitable for both solid and hollow doors, and including integral brush draught seal and watertight fixing grommet to ensure that you get a perfect seal straight from the box. Fixings and intumescent seal are included and they are easy to fit. The picture makes it look like the two parts are different colours, but in fact this picture shows the gold letterbox.

Top of the range letterbox
(actual photo - I don't use stock images)

Pictures of the silver version
Silver version

Measurments and stats
Measurements and stats...

Solid aircraft grade aluminium, 12" only, available in either gold or silver finish. Both equally excellent.

The external dimensions of the letterbox frontplate are 304x70 mm. The external dimensions of the sleeve (the bit that fits through the hole in your door) are 262x41 mm. See my stats page for more info.

StylePrice eachQuantity
Aircraft grade fire rated aluminium letterbox - Gold£28.80
Aircraft grade fire rated aluminium letterbox - Silver£28.80

PostageQty discount
Postage is £4.00 for the first one, £3.00 for the next one, £2.00 each for the next two, £1.00 each for the next two, and £0.50 each for the next nineteen. (UK Mainland with exclusions).You can get discount if you buy a few. £27.70 each if you buy 5, £27.30 each if you buy 10, £26.80 each if you buy 40.
All prices inclusive of VAT at 20.0%

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