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Finger protector: Commercial grade


While the standard finger protectors are remarkable, it has to be said that in a commercial environment where there is heavy equipment and stock being moved around they aren't really up to the job. If you want something designed to last a lifetime of abuse from the sort of traffic you get in commercial buildings this is the answer.

Rubber finger protector (front) Rubber finger protector (back)

Actual photo

A black EPDM rubber safety strip which prevents fingers being jammed in the door. These are 2100mm long and can be butt joined to cover longer lengths. They screw to the door and the door frame and will not split or wear out if used heavily or subjected to knocks from heavy traffic.

Most applications do not demand a protector on the hinge side of the door, but this depends on the application. They will fit to either side of the door so if you want both sides to be covered you need two.

For more details about fitting, see my fitting instructions page.

Rubber finger protector (diagram)


Finger protector - black rubber, £58.80 each

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