Door handles: The Oakley


A classic door handle, made in Europe of solid polished brass to a very high standard. This door handle has simple but sophisticated lines which make it a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. The curve in the handle is also well designed without the edges and points on the Georgian handles, but also with more character than the simple Victorian ones. For many, its perfect.

The baseplate measurements are 170mm by 42mm. Holes are 120mm by 28mm apart. Handle is 90mm long.

All the options have exactly the same size baseplate and

handle. For handles with keyholes, the distance from the centre of the spindle to the top of the keyhole is 51mm, the keyhole is 24mm high, which means the centre spindle to the bottom of the keyhole is 75mm.

There are two styles of keyhole available, the traditional keyhole (pictured) that works with a lever lock and standard key, and the Euro-style keyhole which works with a Euro lock. If you arent sure please email me with details of your job.

You don't have to trust me that these are one of the best door handles around, check out my competition, selling them at a profit. Or again here. These guys want 37 for each pair.

Solid Brass door handle set
(actual photo - I don't use stock images)

Standard keyhole

Bathroom set

StylePrice eachQuantity
Oakley door handle£9.60
Oakley with standard keyhole£10.32
Oakley with Euro style keyhole£10.32
Oakley bathroom set£11.52

Postage is £2.50 each for the first two, £2.00 each for the next two, and £1.00 each for the next sixteen. (UK Mainland with exclusions).
All prices inclusive of VAT at 20.0%

We have plenty of stock.