Door closer: Hinge style


This surprising door closer takes the place of the hinges on the door, and is amazingly versatile by comparison to standard door closers. It will fit when others closers won't, and looks a lot better in environments where a bulky Oil Filled Closer looks out of place.

Some of the obvious advantages are:-

  • Works on doors where there is restricted space above the door
  • Works on doors which open against an adjacent wall
  • Works on doors which don't have a square top
  • Looks better in a domestic environment

And some key product features:-

  • A modern, good quality, metal body made from Duralumin to be tougher than steel
  • Comes with a 3 year manufacturer's exchange warranty
  • Fire tested on double doors 1 hour (BS476: Part 22: 1987)
  • Fitted directly to the door with no rebating, leaving a standard 3mm gap around the frame
  • Both the spring weight and hydraulic pressure can be separately adjusted during and after fitting
  • Damping only applies to closing speed so there is minimum (adjustable) opening pressure on the door
  • Operates on fire doors up to 85kg in weight
  • Range of finishes available

This door closer is strong enough to withstand draughts if used on external doors. The mechanism works exactly like a hinge, so you don't need ordinary hinges. If you have existing hinges they get replaced by these. The plate which fixes to the side of the door and doorframe measures 36mm by 107mm so your door has to be at least 36mm thick. The body containing the mechanism is 131mm by 28mm. You have to fit all three parts to each door, detailed instructions are included.

Hinge style door closer in polished aluminium
(actual photo - I don't use stock images)

Polished gold

Matt gold

StylePrice eachQuantity
Hinge style door closer (polished silver LH)£74.70
Hinge style door closer (polished gold LH)£74.70
Hinge style door closer (polished gold RH)£74.70
Hinge style door closer (satin gold LH)£74.70
Hinge style door closer (satin gold RH)£74.70

PostageQty discount
Postage is £3.50 for the first one, £2.50 for the next one, and £1.50 each for the next three. (UK Mainland with exclusions).You can get discount if you buy a few. £68.85 each if you buy 6, £62.95 each if you buy 21, £59.45 each if you buy 36.
All prices inclusive of VAT at 20.0%

Available in 4 colours. To decide if you want left handed or right handed, look at the door so that it opens towards you. If the hinges are on the right you want right handed, if they are on the left you want left handed.

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